Audi TT 4 door rumors

Back in high school, my parents were fantastic people who knew I was working hard, and as a present for graduating, told me that they would help me purchase my first vehicle. They set my budget at any vehicle less than $10,000, and I was off-running; with my first two cars being a 1995 Buick Skylark and a 1997 Toyota Rav4 (lovingly nicknamed the ‘Tonka Toy’), I needed to have a cool car. Although I eventually purchased/settle for a salvaged 2007 Saturn Aura for $8700, I had found a car that truly captured the essence of what I thought was a cool car: The Audi TT.

1995 Buick Skylark
621 × 310

1997 Toyota Rav4
624 × 337

2007 Saturn Aura
597 × 330

This TT I found was early 2000s, low 100k miles, fantastic condition, with aftermarket interior pieces and a rebuilt engine, as well as new wheels, tires, everything new.  Now, as I said, I ended up with the Saturn instead, however I’m sure that looking at the state of the TT now, older models are moving toward being collectible classics. From the earliest TT released in the 1990s, with its timeless exterior based on the design school of Bauhaus to the performance styled TT of the mid and late 2000s, these vehicles will soon become iconic in their 2-door styling. That is because rumor has it the Audi TT will become a 4-door coupe within the two years.

2 Door Audi TT
622 × 393

4 Door Audi TT
696 × 430

Audi TT 4 Door Interior
898 × 519

Now I know that’s big news (if true), let’s back it up a chapter to that fantastic TT I was discussing, and how iconic the TT is in general. I mean, the first launch of the TT had to have a recall done that added a spoiler because the vehicle performance was so high but he traction so low that it couldn’t stick to the ground at higher speeds. I’m sorry, but when I get a recall about replacing a wiring harness on my 2007 Saturn Aura so the brake lights will light up when braking, and not light up when not braking, I’m a little bummed and mostly frustrated because of it. But a recall to add a spoiler to my car? Well, okay, that’s kind of cool, a little intriguing, and I’m alright with it.

But on the road, there are no vehicles as obviously stylized as the Audi TT; weirdly enough, the closest to match that clean, industrial look with the rounded center was the Volkswagen New Beetle, because the same team of designers created both. Whether you call the 90s retro, timeless, overplayed, or the abundance of other adjectives available to you, the TT easily remains a signature piece of mechanical art from the 90s, and I’d still love to find one for a project vehicle. And with the potential loss of the TT as a 2-door sports car, altered to be a 4-door coupe, older TTs will likely rise in value for their iconic style and lack of two extra doors.

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