The winter holidays are definitely a time for marketing teams to step up their game, with advertisements second only to Super Bowl season (whether a holiday or not), with commercials and ads galore telling you the perfect Christmas gift. From overly complex, to creatively simple, these ads are meant to grab attention, promote the brand, and typically give well-wishes on this holiday. One of my favorite Christmas ads comes from Ikea, who created a very well-designed ad using their shelving, books, and a star to model a Christmas tree; a simplistic design turned into a welcoming ad.

Audi is no stranger to these style of ads either, however, they tend to take a more direct route and, simply put, go big; two of their ads on YouTube really embrace the Audi style for the holidays. First up is their holiday campaign from last year titled ‘Parking Lot.’ You can check it out below, and I highly recommend it. We all know the holiday rush to find the perfect presents for the loved ones in your life can turn into quite the fiasco; but our characters featured in ‘Parking Lot’ are willing to go a few steps farther, with aggressive (but talented) driving techniques to find the perfect parking spot at the mall. Even the start of the ad campaign, with dramatic slow motion bell-ringing from a stoic Santa, and the cacophony of the Audi engines and carolers expand on the dire need to try to find the perfect present. Finally, our two drivers find themselves on the roof of the lot, stressed from tying to find a parking spot, instead fantatically drive towards a rap, a look of madness in their eyes before cutting to black…before the noise of a squeaky wheel insinuates the damage done, we find our characters in the mall, a similar race to claim the last doll. Truly the most wonderful time of year, especially for passionate Audi drivers.

However, my favorite commercial would have to be the one that came from Audi this year for their holiday campaign, titled ‘New Santa’. The scene opens up on Christmas night, Santa struggling to get out of the sleigh, moving to the living room of a family to deliver gifts, eat cookies, and bring cheer. Yet, noticing headlamps outside, Santa spies the RS5 and his attention is caught; finally, a gift he would enjoy for Christmas. Yet, Saint Nicholas seems to think the vehicle wouldn’t fit with his image, or that his tummy would fit in the vehicle, for all the signs point to Santa feeling the strain of his size. But, rather than let the dream of owning an Audi Sport vehicle pass him by, instead he begins to chase the image of a new Santa. Starting with jogs in the morning, Saint Nick soon realizes that a more aggressive strategy is needed; meeting up with the local boxing ring of elves and their trainer, he begins a regiment Rocky would be jealous of. Boxing, jump rope, jogging, and more; slowly but surely, Santa realizes his goal. Near the end, we even see a scene reminiscent of Forrest Gump jogging with his massive beard, followed by many elven joggers. Wrapping everything up in a nice little bow, Santa is fitted for a new suit and trims up the hair and beard at the local barber shop, before the reveal of this new Santa. And after Santa has revealed his all new style, so too does Mrs. Klaus show his new sleigh; a brand-new Audi RS5, ready to deliver presents in.


Audi’s fresh take on the holidays is always a fun time, and we’ll just have to see what they come up with for this year, although that’s a long ways off! For now though, we did get a special delivery of RS5s that are a sight to behold.

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