When it comes to conceptual vehicles, Audi has been showcasing an immense variety of options, from vehicles such as the electric Audi e-tron GT to the Audi TT Safari Edition. Apparently Audi hadn’t gotten enough of developing intelligent electric vehicles or innovative off-road conquerors, as they’ve decided to combine the two styles into one vehicle.


Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Audi AI: Trail Quattro Concept is a radical departure from the standard of self-driven electric vehicles unveiled by Audi, or any other manufacturer. Developed as an off-road, buggy-esque vehicle with four doors, the AI: Trail has four electric motors independently driving each wheel, create a driveshaft free vehicle. With the removal of a driveshaft, not only does that shed weight from the vehicle, but improves ground clearance making for improved off-road capabilities.

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Meanwhile, the vehicle actually looks awesome, with a futuristic design utilizing extensive amounts of glass; likely much more than would reach production for an off-road capable vehicle, but still exciting nonetheless. This turns the AI: Trail into an almost moon-buggy looking style of vehicle, with large tires, tons of viewing angles, and a huge storage rack on top.

But the coolest part of the Audi AI:Trail Quattro Concept has to be its unique form of vehicle lighting, abandoning the standard concept of headlamps. Instead, the AI: Trail Quattro Concept utilizes "five rootless, triangular, electrically operated drones with integrated matrix LED elements,” which are mounted in rooftop inductive charging cradles. These same drones can provide video feed from around the vehicle when they are in flight mode, creating tons of awareness around the vehicle when off-road at night.

Other AI vehicles are in the works from Audi, but this definitely has to be one of the most unique showcases recently unveiled by Audi.

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