Audi lately has been releasing vehicle after vehicle, with a non-stop unleashing of everything from conventional vehicles such as the newly designed 2019 Q3, to radical concepts such as the Audi AI: Trail with its off-road electric capabilities and drones for lighting. But the next vehicle unveiled by Audi happens to be a new version of the Audi e-tron, the e-tron Sportback.

Unveiled this week at the LA Auto Show by Audi, the quick and short of it is buyers should expected the same electric drivetrain and battery as the recently released e-tron, with some changes that improve range and charging time. Designed as an SUV coupe, a la the Cayenne Coupe from Porsche or Ford’s recently revealed electric Mustang, the e-tron Sportback has a roofline that slopes towards the D-pillar steeply. While some might be worried that this would create some storage issues (something the Acura ZDX ran into years ago), recent advances in materials and technology help ensure spacious cargo and passenger room.

But one of the most amazing new features coming with the e-tron Sportback has nothing to do, but instead with the new lighting available (and no, it doesn’t use drones like the AI: Trail). Taking advantage of a small chip inside the headlamps from Texas Instruments that contains one million micromirrors, the headlamps can illuminate certain areas more brightly for driver’s needs. But that’s not the exciting part: the micromirrors can also project different shapes, animations, and more, all in high resolution. This could help with driver-to-driver communication, and help the vehicle alert the driver of upcoming obstacles or dangers.

Sadly, Audi drivers here in the States shouldn’t expect a release version of this vehicle till Fall of 2020 most likely, with Europe seeing a release in Spring of 2020. Expected base price is about $79,000 at this time, with an assortment of packages expected to be available.

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