Super heroes are everything that kid’s dream of being, and then some. From super powers such as the ability to fly, controlling thunder and lighting, or simply turning into a big, green, angry man, almost all of us idolized these heroes at a young age. And that’s come full circle in the past years with Marvel’s movie releases showcasing the likes of Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man, and more! Even our favorite neighborhood Spider-Man has made some (amazing) appearances.

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You’d be hard pressed though not to notice that besides all these super heroes are quite the super vehicles; many of the premier Audi lineup can be spotted throughout many of the Marvel features! But why Audi you might ask? Ignoring the obvious answer of the biggest budgets (insert Batman joke), we push the limits of the possible, looking to achieve heroic feats in the car industry. Tony Stark deserves a vehicle with technology to make his life as comfortable as can be, but also the safety and performance to equate to the Iron Man suit.

And with the above reference to Tony Stark, we start with the first Audi references highlighted in Marvel movies. Iron Man has a scattering of Audi vehicles throughout the franchise, showcasing many high-end models, with the first Iron Man movie highlighting one of Tony’s best vehicles, the Audi R8. Apparently it made an impression, as Tony has continued to purchase many different variants of the Audi R8 throughout the series (we’re ignoring that time he drove an NSX; hurtful Tony, hurtful).

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From there, the star status of the Audi lineup continues! Captain America: Civil War saw the Black Panther and Captain America facing off, joined by many other heroes of the Marvel series. But our favorite scene here at Audi Wichita can’t be spotted during the movie! Titled ‘The Chase’, it features a couple somehow unable to realize they are in the middle of a chase between many Audi vehicle, Captain America, the Black Panther, and the Winter Soldier. However, it’s easy for them to put aside the drama of the situation, as in an Audi vehicle, performance and safety are always at your fingertips. See for yourself in the video below.

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Now my personal favorite has to be the Spiderman Homecoming commercial, where Peter Parker finally learns to drive (with a prototype loaned from Tony Stark) after having wrecked a TTS during the film. Showcasing many highlights on the vehicle such as hands-free mode, automated parallel parking, and easy costume access (available only in Spiderman or other superhero models). Barely passing, thanks to the assistance of the capable Audi vehicle (with a quick stop to beat up some bad guys and save the day), Peter Parker can hopefully get to and from school when he’s not saving the day.

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Our Audi vehicles may not be dressed up in costumes, but they’re here to help save your everyday, and make your troubles much easier from A to B.

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