Sport coupe crossovers have been around quite a while now, and although off to a rough start initially (anyone remember the Acura ZDX?), have truly become a sought after product; at Audi, the premier sport coupe crossover would be the Audi Q8, although details have just been dropped on the even sportier SQ8. As all signs would indicate, if performance, style, and utility are what you’re looking for, then the SQ8 is the perfect vehicle to pick up.

From the exterior, most Audi enthusiasts won’t notice much of a difference in styling from the Q8 to the SQ8, and with good reason; an already performance driven design, the Q8 body looks fantastic. However, sport lines are expected to have some changes to truly showcase the need for speed, and the SQ8 doesn’t slack, with quad exhaust tips, restyled air inlets, the option for 22-inch wheels should you choose, and the indicative sport badging associated with the S lineup for Audi. Meanwhile, the interior features the same badging embossed on the Alcantara trimmed, leather seats that pair perfectly with Audi’s new center console and infotainment design.

But if we’re being honest, the real reason you buy an S vehicle is for the performance, and the SQ8 brings it in bucket loads. Europe will be receiving a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged diesel V8 that puts out 429 horsepower, in addition to a mild hybrid system; overall, this system allows the SQ8 to push from 0 to 60 in just 4.8 seconds. Here in the states though, rumors hold that we’ll get the turbocharged 3.0-liter TFSI V6 engine, which will also take advantage of the mild hybrid system for better performance and gas mileage.

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We already know the Q8 model has integrated a mild-hybrid system to ensure better performance and meet EPA restrictions, however, there’s another advantage to this system. Audi have integrated a four-wheel steering and active roll stabilization, made possible by the 48 volt mild hybrid system. Even better, Audi has developed a new sporting rear differential for its Quattro all-wheel drive system on the SQ8.

We’re still waiting on word of when the vehicle will reach the US shores, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for release later this year of the SQ8, with a forecasted cost of $108,000. If you’d be interested in the SQ8, we can definitely help get you one ordered, or let you test drive one of our Q8 models to ensure it’s everything you’re looking for in your next Audi!

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