If you want to upgrade to a new Audi but are currently driving a leased vehicle that won't mature for several months, turn to Audi Wichita to get what you desire! Thanks to our early lease termination program, you can turn in your leased Audi or even a leased off-brand vehicle, regardless of how many months remain under the terms of your current lease. When you trade in your lease, we may be able to get you behind the wheel of a newer Audi model for a similar or lower monthly payment. This way, we acquire a quality, gently used model to resell while you gain access to a more modern ride. 

You Might Want to Terminate Your Lease Early If…

You've decided to buy the model you're leasing right now.

You find you don't need a car anymore.

You must reduce your monthly spending and want lower car payments.

You've driven more than originally expected and you're almost out of miles.

You're itching to drive a new Audi, or a totally different vehicle.

The small sedan you lease doesn't fit your new lifestyle or expanded family. 

Your SUV doesn't have the fuel economy necessary to handle your commute.

Your convertible doesn't have the ground clearance for the unsteady terrain you face every day.

     Pre-owned vehicles are in high demand in the market right now, which is why our Audi finance team is eager to work with you to help terminate your lease early. Speak with us to schedule a pre-lease-return inspection, discuss your lease renewal or termination options and to go over the new Audi models that are available for you. Browse our Audi inventory online today, then head down to our Audi dealership in Wichita, KS, for an in-person look. You don't have to feel trapped by your current lease terms with Audi Wichita on your side!  

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